The Samsung 55-inch The Terrace mounted outside.

TVs are fussy about lighting. Its just a fact of nature, it seems, with how light reflects off of screens. Increasingly, though, our screens are fighting back against the elements. We’ve seen this in our phones changing brightness levels as we step outside, desperate for our undivided attention. Now, Samsung is bringing full TVs to the outdoors, creating the best QLED TV for the outdoors, the Samsung Terrace. Today, you can get a 55-inch Samsung Terrace for only $2,850 (that’s $650 down from its usual $3,500) while this deal lasts. Unfortunately, that happens to be for just a short time. Until midnight, in fact, at least for citizens of U.S. Central time zone. So, tap the button below to grab one now if you’ve been waiting for this moment for awhile now or read on to get the details.

Why you should buy Samsung’s The Terrace

If you’re a TV nerd that wants more sunshine, this deal is for you. The Terrace is designed to work in partial sun (i.e. on your terrace) and adapts to the changing lighting conditions of a natural environment well. In a move that is rare for a TV, The Terrace even comes with an IP rating of IP55, which means that it contains both water and dust protection in a way that is certified by a 3rd party. This is a TV that you can sit outside and not worry about. Well, at least from an environmental perspective, you still might want some of the best outdoor security cameras looking in its direction to deter pesky humans.

Of course, there is more to a TV than location. This is still a 4K TV pulling a 120Hz refresh rate and has the inclusion of HDR 10+. It also comes with all of the trappings of a modern TV, including voice assistance from Alexa or Google Assistant, compatibility with Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and more, and the very smart Tizen OS. In other words, when you get The Terrace you’re getting all of the smart features of our favorite modern TVs but also the ability to take it outside with you.

Ready to spring for one and get the best part of the indoors, outdoors? Go ahead and tap the button below for your chance to grab Samsung’s The Terrace for only $2,850. That’s $650 off of its standard price of $3,500. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of time to think about it as the deal ends midnight U.S. Central time.

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