In an unprecedented move, Sony Electronics has decided not to show any new TVs at CES 2023. It marks the first time in recent memory that the company, which has been a mainstay of the annual show for years, hasn’t shown a single TV at its booth, which is typically bursting at the seams with screens.

“Sony will not be sharing any TV details during CES 2023,” a company spokesperson said in an emailed statement sent to The Verge. “However, please stay tuned for an upcoming announcement coming soon.” This was an elaboration on an earlier statement, according to the post, that said “we plan launch timings based on various factors, and are excited to bring new and exciting technology to customers soon again in 2023.”

So while it’s disappointing that Sony won’t be going head-to-head with giants like Samsung, LG, and TCL at CES 2023, it sounds like the Las Vegas event won’t be the last word for Sony’s 2023 TV strategy.

Why the change of behavior? It’s possible that the company simply hasn’t had enough time to finalize its 2023 lineup and figured it was better to say nothing at CES than to announce a series of products that it might need to change in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, Sony might be looking at Apple’s highly successful strategy of running its own independent media events, where it doesn’t need to share the spotlight with any of its competitors. Apple hasn’t had a presence at CES in many years.

Whatever the case, you can be sure we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for signs that Sony is ready to reveal what’s next for its Bravia collection of mini-LED, OLED, and QD-OLED TVs.

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