I have a Synology DS261j NAS. It is connected via network to DAC Gustard R26 which has an internal streamer.

A 3 TB USB drive is connected to the NAS.

I play through MinimServer which is installed on the NAS, controlled with BubbleUPNP mobile app.

However, MinimServer does not see the external USB drive. It only sees disks on the NAS. Is there any way to set the MinimServer to see the USB drive?

The disk is visible in the Synology file manager application, and Roon can see it on another computer, as well as on the network.


Second question: The sound is great. However, DSD files and PCM HiRes interrupt a lot. I guess the CPU in the NAS is too weak.

Which Synology NAS would be powerful enough to play DSD and PCM HiRes files?

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