just received this message when opening AS never saw it before–anyone know what it means? My SQ has not changed.

this message appeared over the message that says: “Playback locks exclusive access to the audio output…”(in my case a Schiit Yggdrasil GS out to Schiit Ragarnok 2).

the message box says:

“SysOptimizer Error

There was an error executing SysOptimizer.Not all optimizations may be done.

Error=The operation couldn’t be completed.(OSStatus error 22.)”


I never have seen this in all the versions I have had since Audirvana came out.

The only thing I have done recently is upgraded to Ventura OS

Again have NO problem listening or using AS and do not know what SysOptimizer is and all my other services/players work fine with no”ERRORS” popping up ie ROON/TIDAL app/Qobuz app.


if no one has an explanation I will  try Audirvana support/community they always have answers


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