In a recent time I discovered that TEAC has expended their reference line with the UD-701N DAC/Network payer upgrade from the previous UD 505. So I decided to make a bit of investigation on this new unit. 

According to official site the specs are truly amazing. Custom developed delta sigma discrete DAC (not using off the shelf chip), 4 torodial transformers, fully balanced dual mono etc. Feature wise – anything you would ever need, including: Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect (via update), custom streaming app (the same as found in Lumin streamers).

I thought to myself OK, lets do some more research and see how it compares with the matching product from their subsidiary company – Esoteric N-05XD.


I was literally shocked when i compared the internals from both units (images below). 





They share the same custom developed delta sigma DAC module, the preamp section and headphone section. 

This should be a real bargain, Esoteric machinery packed in not so luxury box for a 1/3 price. I mean, how many DACs are out there using custom developed DAC chips that cost < 3.5k. I can think only of one Chord Qutest but it would still be missing the 4 torods, network streamer, analog preamp and headphones amp. 


So my dilemma here is, why no one talks about this unit yet? Stereophile never reviewed TEAC product in the last 20 years. Why no online reviews from the known magazines.

Why no raving reviews from the youtubers. Do I miss something, because imo this unit is very competitive at this price range (the device itself weights 12kgs). 


What is your thoughts on this. Anyone had a chance to listen to this unit?


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