Along with new spoiler tags, drawing tools, and so much more

The holidays are slowly wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean you’ve finished making all of your plans. Whether you’re trying to get together to celebrate 2023 in style, or you’re making up for lost holiday parties due to weather or travel — trust me, I get it — communication is still key as we head into the new year. Telegram is ending up 2022 in style with one last update, and it’s bringing along a ton of new tools including spoiler effects for media, reduced storage space, and so much more.


Perhaps one of the best additions to Telegram 9.3 is the option to cover images and other media with a spoiler filter. If you’ve spent any time on Twitter recently, you’ve probably noticed all sorts of jokes and other images hidden behind a blurred-out filter. Telegram’s latest update delivers a similar feature with its new media tag, covering photos or videos from immediate sight until it’s clicked on by your friends or family. Whether you’re sharing gifts or trying to keep a lid on Marvel spoilers, it’s a useful tool.


It’s not the only disappearing act Telegram is pulling, though. The app already makes it easy to control how much of your device’s storage it’s using, and with new auto-remove options, you have even more control. With today’s update, you can auto-delete cached media from private chats, group chats, and even channels, all while setting exceptions for those conversations you really care about. Telegram also includes a new pie chart for seeing what’s being used at any time.


The app’s updated drawing and text tools look straight out of Snapchat or Instagram, just in time for New Year’s Eve. Decorate to your heart’s content before sending in a group chat — you can even add gifs and emojis to your artwork.


Telegram is making some changes to profile pictures, allowing anyone to replace contact photos without the other user knowing. This brings the app in line with how most number-based messaging services work, providing unlimited customizability. You can also suggest profile photos for other users, in case you managed to snap a great family photo during the holidays. Finally, multiple profile photos are now supported, with private and public options available in settings.

There are a handful of smaller changes as well, including new animations on Android when loading pages in the app, hidden member lists in groups for large, unwieldy public chats, and animated, interactive emoji. It’s a fantastic way for one of our favorite chap apps to get even better, and you don’t need to wait to try out all of the new features. You can grab the APK from APK Mirror, or check for an update at the Play Store using the link below.

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