The wired Ring Video Doorbell has a better price than it did on Black Friday


Ring Video Doorbell Wired

The wired version of the Ring Video Doorbell provides access to HD video, two-way audio, and instant notifications when motion is detected outside your door. Now available for the best price ever, it would be a shame not to switch out your old doorbell for this one.

It’s always been important to have a way to check who’s outside your door, and that’s never been easier than with the invention of video doorbells, letting us know who’s out there without even getting up from our seats. Right now might be the best time yet to upgrade your home with one of these cool gadgets, because the wired Ring Video Doorbell is down to a phenomenal $39, the lowest price we’ve ever seen for it.

Why you’ll love the Ring Video Doorbell

While we didn’t review this wired version of the Ring Video Doorbell, we did review the Ring Video Doorbell 4, which easily made our list of the best smart doorbell cameras on the market in 2022. While the setup process is a little different, the overall functionality is quite similar.


For the wired Ring Video Doorbell, you’re going to need to have existing doorbell writing set up into your walls, or be ready to take on a bit of a project. Once installed, you can check out 1080p HD videos, so you’ll know exactly who’s out there. The doorbell connects over 2.4GHz networks, and you can access videos even when you’re not home. Better still, you can have full conversations with visitors because the doorbell supports two-way audio.

If you have Alexa devices at home, you can pull up a live feed on your screen, so you can check it anytime you get a notification on your phone. The doorbell detects motion and will let you know when anyone’s at your front door, even before they press the button.

So, go ahead and take advantage of the best deal we’ve ever seen for the wired Ring Video Doorbell, and shell out $39 to get yours now.

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