Drones have revolutionized photography and videography at a consumer and commercial level and there are many options for many different purposes. However, if you want to walk the line between ludicrous fun and incredible imagery, perhaps you want to look at FPV drones.

I have spoken about drones a fair amount lately, and as a professional photographer with almost no call to own one whatsoever, I feel well-placed to preach. They are not only incredibly fun to use, but you can get shots so profoundly different from what you usually take that really no piece of equipment can have a bigger impact than your first drone.

Now, since getting my first drone, I have had an itch that I avoid scratching at all costs and it’s the topic of this video: FPV drones. FPV (short for First Person View) drones are essentially video games in real life, except you have some accountability and mistakes can be expensive. FPV drones are not only popular in the photography world, but they are raced and enjoyed for what they do, let alone what they capture.

In this video, Peter Lindgren walks you through some options for beginners, showing footage and thoughts about each FPV drone he has owned or used. Some of the footage in this piece is astoundingly good, so if you’re like me and debating the investment, you might want to throw your wallet out of reach.

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