The Pixel 7 may fit almost perfectly in your hands, but to keep a good grip on it, you’ll want one of these cases.

Just as the Google Pixel 7 smartphone is a series of small refinements after last year’s overwhelming overhaul, Pixel 7 cases needed very few improvements over Pixel 6 cases. After adapting to last year’s Cylon of a camera bar, case manufacturers better know how to handle and minimize that thickness into more robust air cushioning or a more textured profile, leading to better cases for all Pixels.

We’ve run across a large number of cases in a wide range of aesthetics, ranging from simple, flat black units to flashy, brightly colored options with silly and loud designs. Some have kickstands, some are see-through, and some you could drive a car over.


    Staff pick

    We’ve seen Midnight Green Liquid Air models for the Pixel 6a and the Galaxy S22 series this year; finally, Pixel 7 owners are getting Spigen’s best case in glorious Navy Blue! The triangular pattern here feels soft while still providing good purchase for your fingers or palm, while air cushioning inside keeps everything safe and shatter-free after smaller drops and dings.

    Slim protection

    If you and your clumsy fingers need more security for your precious Pixel 7, Incipio’s Duo offers up to 12-foot impact resistance. Staying subtle and relatively slim — unlike the macho tanks that dominate this category — the Duo still feels as solid and sturdy in the hand while being easy to hold for longer periods. Available in black or red, this Pixel 7 case will keep you covered for years to come.

    It might not look like it at first glance, but the i-Blason Cosmo is remarkably rugged, despite its ultra-stylish design and fun color combinations. It’s the perfect antidote to the aggressive, bulky stylings of other highly drop-resistant cases. It’s tested to 10 feet of drop safety and even features a snap-on screen protector for 360-degree coverage. Pink Marble is the most popular option, although we’re personally partial to the Purple Marble, and the Ocean Blue looks particularly great on the Pixel 7 Lemongrass version.

    Premium pick

    Bellroy has long been a lifeline for Pixels when it comes to premium cases, and it’s brought more colors than ever to the Pixel 7. Not only are we getting the same Terracotta brown and Black versions that we’ve always relied upon, but we’re getting two shades of green and a just darling Blue Daze to give your Pixel 7 some much-needed color. Microfiber-lined, this leather wraparound case will age gracefully over the long life of your Pixel 7.

    Value pick

    The Pixel 7 is certainly a good-looking phone, but the Caseology Parallax and its eye-catching geometric rear pattern add a special something to make it that much better looking. That’s not the only interesting texture on this case, either, as the high-traction pads on the sides offer just the right amount of grip while remaining easy to slide into a pocket or bag. The bezels surrounding the screen and camera assembly are a hair wider than most, and while the colors aren’t exactly bold and explosive, they dovetail perfectly with the Pixel 7’s color options.

    If the Parallax is too busy in the design department, the Nano Pop is the exact opposite: a simple, solid case with a two-tone color scheme and invisible grip pads across the sides. The Avo Green is Caseology’s color scheme of the year, pairing excellently with the matte gold frame of the Lemongrass Pixel 7. This is the case I wear most often on my own phone, as it’s smooth enough to get in and out of my pocket quickly but still grippy enough that I never worry about dropping it.

    While the available colors for Casetify’s Google Pixel 7 cases may not be quite as cute as last year’s soft pink or the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s blue and purple, the vast array of designs and Co-Labs help offset the sting. Casetify added EcoShock to its Impact Series cases for the Pixel 7, allowing it to up its drop protection from 6 feet to 8.2 feet — hey, it may not sound like much, but every little bit helps. While previous phones have had to wait weeks or months to get Co-Lab designs, the Pixel 7 already has a variety of licensed designs (like the Thousand Sunny above) alongside the hundreds of artsy or modern options. It’s also included in upcoming Co-Labs like next week’s Blackpink, too.

    This UK-made wallet case uses American cowhide leather, bold accents, and wonderfully subtle detail work to produce the best folio case currently available for the Pixel 7. With three card slots and a cash flap, you can carry most of your cards and IDs easily while a silicone inner sleeve keeps the Pixel 7’s matte metal frame free from scratches and dings and safely secure in the case. The black leather exterior lets the blood-red logo and accent stitching shine brightly, but ideally, Torro will bring us more traditional brown leather offerings in time.

    Pela’s the first and best name in sustainable Pixel 7 cases. These 100% compostable covers are made with ethically sourced natural materials like flax fiber and plant-based biopolymers, resulting in a case that’s not just great for protecting your phone — drop tested over 10 feet — but for reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions. That’s part of why Pela’s prices are so high, but these super-soft cases are worth every penny. There’s also a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

    Wallet cases are pretty bulky by nature, but this one from Teelevo is reasonably sized and can still hold a credit card and ID comfortably. It comes in four colors other than black, including an especially nice rose gold version. Conveniently, the cover for the actual storage compartment doubles as a kickstand for watching shows or clips in landscape orientation, or for standing the phone upright. A relatively common two-piece design with a soft TPU inner and hard plastic outer make it easy to install and do a good job of preventing cracks to the Pixel’s Gorilla Glass body.

    It took a couple of months, but one of our favorite case lineups is now available for the Pixel 7 in multiple interesting colors. Supcase’s rugged and popular Unicorn Beetle Pro includes a holster with a belt clip and an integrated kickstand for vertical or horizontal viewing.

    One of its biggest features is its whopping 20-foot drop rating, which just about leads the pack. On the other hand, the combination of textures and grippy TPU material in all the right places should make you less prone to dropping it in the first place.

    If you’re getting the Lemongrass colorway, a clear Pixel 7 case is the only way to go. Ringke’s Fusion series isn’t as rugged or intrusive as the Fusion-X, but it gives us more structure and better showcases the Pixel 7’s design than Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid or Google’s first-party cases. While I prefer Matte Clear for a less smudge-prone look, this crystal Clear version will better display your phone’s design.

    Tudia’s Merge Series is back to its classic design after experimenting with a new design for its Pixel 6a offerings, and we’re happy for the return to form. Now available in six colors — including the classic Rose Gold and a newer Hunter Green — this case may be old-school, but it gets the job done without any muss, fuss, or fractured glass.

    Dbrand may be considered by many a skin company, but the beauty of its Grip case is that it’s capable of being both. With a low-profile, hard plastic exterior with ridged edges that make it easy to, well, grip, your Pixel 7, there’s something to be said for paying a premium for a product as good as this. The Pixel 7’s metallic camera bar may be less prone to breaking than its predecessors, the extra thickness you get from the Grip case makes for a more durable, less wobbly phone.

    Teloxy’s clear case aims to keep your Pixel 7 as slim as it can while still adding grip and scratch protection. The lip provides around the screen, and the camera bar is as slim as the rest of the case. It’s still enough to help your phone avoid scuffs and avoid bulking up your phone in your pocket. Despite the minimal design, you can still easily see the air-cushioned corners for a little impact resistance.

    Folio wallet cases are classic, but they also get in the way in a few annoying ways, which is why VFS Design gives us something more durable and dependable with its Pixel 7 case. This card slot case uses stainless steel covers for its slide mechanisms to avoid wear and damage that plastic-only CS cases endure, and not only is the card cover covered in a non-slip texture for easy grip, it also sports a kickstand that you can use upright for video calls or TikTok or horizontally for games and Netflix.

How to pick the best Pixel 7 case for you

It took a few months for the best ones to hit the market and separate from the pack, but there are legions of Google Pixel 7 cases out there now. Unfortunately, your phone can only wear one at a time. While the instinct to show off your shiny new all-glass flagship may be strong, we recommend you fight it until you can get a good Pixel 7 screen protector installed. Slimmer clear cases like the Ringke Fusion and Teloxy allow you to showcase that oh-so-interesting Lemongrass colorway, but they can’t have as robust air cushioning or impact resistance without obscuring the design. That’s why brands with more robust clear cases, like Casetify’s Impact Series, add gel cushioning to their cases to get the kinetic absorption they need.

If you don’t think you need much protection, that’s fine, but Murphy’s Law is especially cruel to technology; all it takes is one bad bounce. The Incipio Duo and i-Blason Cosmo Series are drop-tested to over 10 feet, meaning they should be able to withstand a couple of falls whether you drop them from chest height, head height, or (potentially) even off your second-floor balcony. Incipio aims not to draw the eye with its more subdued Duo design, but i-Blason is all about catching eyes with the Cosmo Series’ swirly marble mosaics. You also get the benefit of a built-in screen protector with the Cosmo and Supcase’s UB Pro — though, with the Pixel 7’s fickle fingerprint sensor, you might not want anything between your finger and the glass at all.

For both functionality and efficiency, look to the Spigen Liquid air and Caseology Parallax. They’re both pretty slim and particularly lightweight while also delivering the kind of traction you need to avoid dropping your phone at all. The Parallax is arguably nicer looking, thanks to an iconic rear texture pattern, but the Liquid Air practically turns the Pixel’s rear panel flush, which is an aesthetic game-changer when it comes to simply holding the device.

We’ve also highlighted a couple of wallet cases that can accommodate a couple of cards and, in one case, a little cash. The VRS Design Damda Glide is the nicest one out there, with a panel that retracts itself once you push the button. The Teelevo Wallet Case isn’t quite as premium-feeling, but it is a touch smaller and lighter and comes in more interesting colors.

If you’re looking for a great Pixel 7 Pro case, we have options for the 7’s bigger, shinier brother, too.

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