Consider it an early glimpse at what’s to come in 2023

Source: OnePlus

The IV drip continues out of OnePlus with the OnePlus 11 getting all the attention in 2022 so that it can come out of the gates in 2023 with a running start. We know what will run inside of it, what it might feel like, whether the alert slider stays, and when it will come. Now, as we’re all just coming out of Christmas, we’re getting real looks at the phone, courtesy of the company itself.


In all, these Boxing Day pictures unbox the OnePlus 11 as a phone of two treatments as intelligence suggests: a matte finish in black and a slick, glossy look and feel for the green.

Every view gives prominence to the circular Hasselblad camera pad on the back — you don’t have to imagine what it’d look like to hold the phone horizontally without blocking those lenses, there are multiple lifestyle-oriented images showing us just that. It’s quite the departure from what the OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus 10T had in the design department, but in terms of material changes, we don’t expect too much sway there.

Remember, Android Police is keeping constant track of what’s happening with the OnePlus 11 and you can expect full coverage of the launch and our comprehensive review later on.

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