Apple Arcade offers fewer games than Google Play Pass, but you get a carefully curated selection of games for your subscription. These games work across your Apple devices, from the Apple TV to the iPad Pro. However, despite the limited selection, picking one game may be challenging.

We gathered the best games on Apple Arcade, as well as Play Store equivalents, so whether you’re an exclusive Apple user or dual-wield Android and iPhone devices, you’ll find this list useful. However, if the list seems inadequate, try Google Play Pass, which is available on all Android phones, even these fantastic budget options.


1. Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways is the follow-up to Mini Metro, the chaotically compelling puzzle game from Dinosaur Polo Club. Mini Motorways tasks you with connecting a steadily expanding town with roads, bridges, tunnels, and motorways. While the game starts easy, you’ll soon panic as traffic piles up, orders go unfilled, and chaos ensues.

Despite the inevitability of failure, Mini Motorways is a must-play. Give it a go, and experience how fun building roads can be.

While Mini Motorways has yet to make its way to Google Play, you can experience Mini Metro for free with Play Pass.

2. LEGO Builder’s Journey

LEGO Builder’s Journey is a unique creation in the LEGO franchise. Rather than free-roaming sandboxes, or colorful adaptions of popular franchises, Builder’s Journey is a meditative puzzle game. Through your adventure, you’ll need to consider how the rules apply, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. To progress, you’ll need to bend and break the rules. Rigid adherence to what you know won’t get you far. Give it a go if you want to experience a stunning LEGO game that’ll bend your mind in the process.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne+

Many of the best racing games encourage realism over action. Asphalt 8: Airborne knows that sometimes all you want is to experience high-octane racing without strict physics engines holding you back. That’s not to say it isn’t hard. Airborne is a tightly focused racing game that will push your racing skills. Try it against your friends or with up to 12 people online. Grab a gaming controller for the best experience (many of these controllers work just as well for iOS devices).

While it’s not identical, you can download Asphalt 8 from the Play Store. This version doesn’t have as many bells and whistles, but it’s just as fun.

4. Alto’s Adventure — Remastered

Alto’s Adventure is a classic mobile game. If you haven’t touched it for years, give this remastered version a try. Along with all the content from the original game, you’ll get new levels to speed through, goals to achieve, and a new character. You can also import all your progress from the original Alto’s Adventure, so there’s no excuse not to try this. If you’re new to the franchise, Alto’s Adventure is an enjoyable physics-based snowboarding game where you’ll perform tricks, jump ravines, and collect coins, all to the background of stunning set pieces and enchanting music.

You can play the original game on the Play Store.

5. Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II is an open-world RPG set in a fantasy realm of cats and dogs. It’s a direct sequel to the original game, bringing tons of new gameplay elements, including the addition of co-op gameplay. Switch between a cat and a dog as you play, or invite a friend and adventure together. It’s a charming adventure that’s bound to appeal to all RPG fans.

Play the first game, Cat Quest, on the Play Store.

6. Pocket Build+

Pocket Build is the ultimate sandbox builder. There’s no story, no goals, and no challenges. You’re free to build how you like. While the colossal amount of structures available can seem overwhelming, it’s neatly categorized into styles and environments. There’s no limit to your imagination. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys city builders but doesn’t enjoy managing money and resources. You can even walk around your town in first-person.

Pocket Build is also available on the Play Store.

7. Really Bad Chess+

Really Bad Chess is chess with random pieces. It’s a simple concept but opens the door to a world of possibilities. It’s perfect for chess veterans and beginners alike, as its unique look at the rules creates a new way to experience the classic strategy game. Play this if you’re bored by the strict rules of chess, and want something with a little more variety.

Really Bad Chess is also available from the Play Store.

8. What The Golf?

What The Golf? is to golf, what Really Bad Chess is to chess. While each level is loosely inspired by golf, levels also revolve around houses, cats, lamps, caterpillars, and silly humor. It’s an ideal game to play with friends, as every level is different, and there’s enough to keep you occupied for hours. Play What The Golf? if you think regular golf could be improved if it took a few steps back from reality.

You won’t find an equivalent to What The Golf? on the Play Store. But if you don’t mind changing genres, try the quirky puzzler Golf Peaks.

9. Exit the Gungeon

Unlike the top-down approach of the prequel, Exit the Gungeon is a dungeon climber that follows on from the story of Enter the Gungeon. Despite the change in level design, you can expect the same level of bullet-hell mania found in the first game. However, the chaos involved (your gun switches every few minutes) may frustrate you. Still, it’s still a fantastic roguelite that we recommend giving a few tries.

Play Store users should give Downwell a try. It’s another Devolver Digital title that offers a different approach to the dungeon-climber roguelite genre.

10. The Oregon Trail

Even if you played the original game to death, we recommend picking up Apple Arcade’s version of The Oregon Trail. Beyond the beautiful graphics, you can expect a complete reimagining of the classic game. Rather than overhauling the game’s mechanics, this version updates the game for a new generation, offering refinements to gameplay that all players will appreciate.

Fans of 2D survivor games on the Play Store should try The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands instead. While the gameplay is different from The Oregon Trail, it offers a similarly satisfying blend of survival mechanics.

Apple Arcade may be limited, but it has fantastic exclusives

Apple Arcade’s roster of exclusive games is its greatest strength, but it’s not for everyone. If you become tired of the Apple Arcades selection, cancel your subscription and pick up Play Pass instead.

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