Blending essential oils and creating different scents is one of my many interests and hobbies. And what would you get if you brought it together with photography? Well, I guess it’s this trio of scented candles.

Photogenic Supply has designed elegant, fragrant candles inspired by photography, for photographers. They are named after blue and golden hour, and for night photography enthusiasts: midnight.

The candles are made of premium soy wax, so they’re non-toxic and eco-friendly, unlike traditional paraffin candles. They’re scented with fragrance oils and are hand-poured into matte black glass vessels. Their names were inspired by favorite times of many photographers, and each of them has a specific purpose: to energize you, calm you, or help you relax and fall asleep.

Blue Hour is a morning candle that helps you focus your energy on the day ahead, with notes of fresh cut pine, mint, and balsam.

Golden Hour: if the final rays of the sun at the end of a day would have a scent, it would be this one. Photogenic Supply describes it as “warm and nostalgic,” and it’s a blend of mandarin orange, sugared lemon, and slightly sweet agave.

Midnight is a calming, sweet release that relaxes the mind into blissful dreams. It’s perfect to light before going to bed and it contains notes of mandarin, honeysuckle, and sandalwood.


This isn’t the first photography-inspired project we’ve covered. There are plenty of them, like these glasses, dishes, and watches. I personally like all of them and I think they could be a cool gift for a photographer in your life. Even if that photographer is you – why not treat yourself? Individual candles are available for $35 each, or you can get the full-day set (all three candles) for $98.

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