Asus ROG gaming PC at a side angle.
One of the best gaming PC deals is thanks to the offers at Best Buy. Today, you can buy the Asus ROG gaming PC for $1,200 saving you $300 off the usual price of $1,500. A great way to get more gaming prowess for your money, it’s a fantastic deal for anyone keen to snap up a stylish gaming setup for less. The deal is unlikely to stick around for long but read on while we quickly take you through why it’s worth your time and money.

Why you should buy the Asus ROG gaming PC

Asus knows what you need most from the best gaming desktops — good looks and great hardware. In the case of the Asus ROG gaming PC, you get an Intel Core i7 processor along with 16GB of memory and a ton of hard drive storage space. That includes 512GB of SSD storage for the files you need to access fast along with 1TB of regular hard drive space for all your storage needs. Combined, you’re not going to run out of space any time soon which is useful as many of the latest games require a lot of storage.
As expected from a gaming machine, the Asus ROG gaming desktop also has a competent graphics card in the form of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. Pair it up with one of the best gaming monitors and you’re sure to see great results with the latest games looking super stylish and attractive. Other useful extras for dedicated gamers include 2 USB-C ports as well as 6 USB 2.0 ports so you can hook up all your devices from capture cards to controllers and much more without a problem. There’s also Bluetooth 5.0 support for wireless devices.

The Asus ROG gaming PC has all the essentials and more to enhance your gaming. With a stylish side window, so you can see inside and view all the components, along with some great RGB lighting, it’s sure to look good in your gaming den or even a student dorm.

Normally priced at $1,500, the Asus ROG gaming desktop is down to $1,200 for a limited time only at Best Buy. A saving of $400, this is a great time to treat yourself to that mid-range gaming rig you’ve been considering for a while. Buy it now before you miss out on this chunky saving.

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