When you think about it, we’re surrounded by all sorts of chemical reactions, both in the outside world and inside our own bodies. And have you ever wondered what they looked up close?

Scott Portingale has, and he’s turned his curiosity into captivating, gorgeous videos. In his latest work titled Chemical Somnia, he captures the exciting process of various chemical reactions, in both still and video format.

To give Chemical Somnia its final form, Scott teamed up with Turkish composer Gorkem Sen. This talented multi-instrumentalist even invented his own instrument called Yaybahar. It sounds eerie and completely captivates you, so I personally find Gorkem’s music a perfect match to Scott’s short film.

In the video you can watch above, Scott combined timelapse and high-speed photography on a macro scale. These colorful and immersive worlds were captured on a tiny surface: less than a square inch area on a petri dish. “The film transports the viewer into chemical dimensions, exploring phase transition, fluid dynamics, and chemical reactions,” Scott explains. So, what else can I tell you except: put on your headphones, play the video on full screen and with the sound on, and enjoy the journey!

You can find more of Scott’s work on his website, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

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