For those of you who like packing light but still want to make the best from your phone cameras, SmallRig has announced a pretty cool gadget. The SmallRig P20 is tiny, yet versatile universal smartphone filmmaking rig. Aimed at vloggers, but also other video creators who use their phone, this foldable and portable gadget fits in your pocket and goes anywhere with you.

When unfolded, the SmallRig P20 features a dual-handle design that lets you film smooth and steady footage. Your phone is attached to the rig’s center, and you can rotate it to shoot both horizontally and vertically. Alternatively, you can attach the rig to your tripod if you want to film yourself.

The phone pads on the rig are stretchable so they can support many different phone models. There are cold shoes on the rig’s sides, so you can attach your microphone and LED light. And when you’re done, you can easily detach everything, fold the rig, and fit it in your pocket.


In my opinion, the SmallRig P20 seems like a cool gadget to add to your arsenal, as I personally love these small, portable pieces of gear I can easily carry around. It’s also pretty affordable, starting at only $24. You can get it at this price if you hurry up, as it’s the Super Early Bird deal on Kickstarter. The regular price will be $50.

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