Photo A Day For 15 Years (Age 13 to 28)

Videos like this one from Jordan Wilson fascinate me. For one, having the foresight to start a project like this at the age of 13 is pretty impressive, but to see how our face and structure evolve over the years as we transition from a child into an adult is interesting to see. What’s particularly impressive about this one, though, is how well it’s shot.

Jordan started shooting a selfie a day at 13 years old, long before selfies were all that fashionable, and then repeated the process every day for 15 years in the same position, from the same angle with the same lighting. It makes for a much better and cleaner record than most of the other multi-year selfie timelapses we’ve seen.

Jordan began his timelapse on December 25th in 2007, at the age of 13 years and five months old. Now, he’s 28 years and five months old. That’s fifteen years of daily selfies. What’s also quite impressive is that while it looks like a single consistent location, Jordan says that around the 10-year mark, he started splitting his time between two different cities and hung a new curtain at a second location to match the first to keep that consistency between the two locations. He also says that it rolls up small for taking on vacation. Now that’s dedication!

After some experimentation with other software, Jordan finally created the timelapse in the free version of DaVinci Resolve. Its built-in stabilisation was applied to ensure the face in each frame lined up as closely as possible to the one before it. Ultimately, it looks to he made the right choice, producing a pretty stable (and very cool) final result.

This isn’t the longest selfie timelapse we’ve seen, though. Noah Kalina, for example, has been shooting a selfie a day, every day, since January 11th, 2000. He’s about to come up on 23 years in a couple of weeks. Jordan’s video, though, shows an incredible consistency from shot to shot that gives it a unique vibe. While Noah’s video shows a change in location and lighting each day to provide some context into his life at different times, Jordan’s video focuses solely on the physical change and growth in himself.

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