Trombone Champ is a good joke. I played it once, chuckled along with its simulated tooting, and haven’t felt any compulsion to return.

I will click on any Trombone Champ video I come across online, however. Armed with some community-made modding tools, creative players have added custom songs to the game, with custom models and backgrounds. At their best, these videos turn a good joke into a complete comedy sketch. And the person making them at their best is Gloomhonk.

This post is now just a series of briefly described YouTube embeds. To start with, here’s Gloomhonk’s take on Don’t Stop Believin’, starring a guitarist who grows increasingly enraged that his solos have been stolen by the trombonist:

Trombone Champ – Don't Stop Believin'

Here’s 2017 world peace anthem Big Enough, the chorus for which works on trombone at least as well as it does when screamed by an aging cowboy:

Trombone Champ – Big Enough

Here’s Chariots Of Fire set inside a trombone-themed gym with motivational slogans encouraging you to “train like a champ” and “only settle for perfecto”:

Trombone Champ – Chariots Of Fire

It’s not complicated but the intro to this Initial D homage is pitch perfect:

Trombone Champ – Deja Vu (Initial D)

Finally, here’s Liz Truss’s resignation speech:

Trombone Champ – Liz Truss Resigns As Prime Minister

There’s more to watch over on Gloomhonk’s channel, although none are as fancy as those above. If you’re hungry for more drama behind your tromboning, this custom Final Fantasy 7 track might still be the greatest.

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