With the release of DaVinci Resolve for iPad we only get the Cut and Color page. And we’ve talked about how this seems like a full version of Resolve with most of the pages (and a few features) turned off. I think now we can see that more than ever with this simple yet brilliant find from Daniel Kovacs and/or Michael Tobin. I say and/or as honestly, I didn’t follow the YouTube rabbit hole here as someone messaged me this find via text when I couldn’t watch the video. It took about 6 seconds to read about it in text vs combing through a 3-minute video for the trick. But here is the video:

GET FULL DaVinci Resolve on iPad HACK (not clickbait)

The “hack” is simple … hit the Keyboard Customization shortcut (OPT+CMD+K) while in Resolve for iPad and the Keyboard Customization window will open. Search for show page in the keyboard search box and find Workspace > Show Page. While in there, just assign a keyboard shortcut to the page you want to show.

Unlock all the Resolve for iPad pages with this simple trick 2

Assign these shortcuts to a key and you may be shocked to find those missing Resolve pages will pop up when you give that keyboard assignment a press. It makes me wonder what else from the desktop version is hidden in the keyboard shortcuts.

Unlock all the Resolve for iPad pages with this simple trick 3
That is all the Resolve pages in their glory on Resolve for iPad.

It’s quite surprising to see all of these desktop Resolve pages showing up in Resolve for iPad. I’m guessing either this is by accident or the developers didn’t really expect anyone to dig that deep in the keyboard customizations. I would guess that a future update might fix this little “hack.”

Not everything appears to work correctly, which is probably why all the pages weren’t turned on to begin with. For example, the audio meters and mixer doesn’t show up on the Edit page, as you can see below.

Unlock all the Resolve for iPad pages with this simple trick 4

I really wonder how well the Fusion page would work on iPad.

This will be fun to play with when I have more time. I hope Blackmagic doesn’t yell at us for spreading this around, as it’s quite cool to see.

I’m sure there are a lot of folks out there who will be getting a brand new M2i Pad Pro for Christmas who will promptly download Resolve for iPad. Enjoy this little feature while it’s still there!

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