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GoPro Awards: FPV Drone Inside of a Fireworks Show

I expect a few of you might have seen some fireworks over the New Year, but I bet you didn’t fly through the middle of the display! This incredible video created by James Inglis shows exactly what it’s like to do just that, as he flies his drone literally through the fireworks. The result is a rarely-seen perspective of a New Year’s pyrotechnics show.

James won a GoPro award for his efforts and watching it, I can see why. The video begins with delicious bursts of glittery gold sparks while the first-person view drone flies around them, effortlessly avoiding any direct hits. The slow-motion bursts are also a lovely touch.

James apparently strapped a GoPro to the top of his custom race drone and flew into the firework zone. Obviously, first he made sure that he had all the correct permits and safety precautions before doing this. If you want to try this, you must make sure that you have permission.

I’d possibly also make sure I had insurance too, I could see this sort of thing going potentially a bit wrong. Clearly, James is an expert drone pilot and was able to steer well clear of any fireworks that might damage the drone, surely not an easy thing to do as fireworks can be somewhat unpredictable.

FPV drone videos are always fun, but this is definitely the first time I’ve seen one fly through an actual pyrotechnic show! You’d have to be a very confident pilot to pull this off.

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