Chrome’s incredible development pace continues, and is only getting faster with Chrome 110

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Google only celebrated the big Chrome 100 milestone a few months ago, and now, the company is already at it with the next decimal release, Chrome 110. As one of the best browsers currently on the market, there isn’t much that is changing with each four-weekly release anymore, but if you’d like to stay up to date with the latest Chrome features and what you can expect developers to implement, read on.


Tweaked rollout schedule

Chrome 110 will be the first version of Google’s browser to use the company’s more cautious rollout approach. One week before the official stable launch, Google will roll out Chrome 110 to a small subset of Chrome 109 users. This is meant to help the developers catch any lingering issues with the browser and fix problems before the latest version is in full rollout.

More detailed translation settings

One of Chrome’s strongest features is its integration with Google Translate, allowing you to seamlessly see translated versions of foreign websites without any copy-paste work. Changing your default settings is an ordeal, though. You have to head to a site that Chrome will offer to translate and tweak your settings in the prompt, like which languages to always or never translate and which target language to use. Chrome 110 finally makes these options available within the browser settings under chrome://settings/language.

Improved web app launch behavior on desktops

Starting with Chrome 110, developers have two ways to launch web apps on desktop computers. They can either open a new window with the web app or they can focus an already opened web app window again. This is helpful for apps where it only makes sense to have a single window, like games. It makes for a more consistent experience.

Everything else

  • CSS Initial Letters: You know how books sometimes start chapters with an extravagant and big letter? Some websites also do this. Chrome 110 makes it possible to implement these using CSS code.
  • Custom picture-in-picture controls: A new CSS class makes it easier for developers to tweak the styling of control elements in picture-in-picture videos and other media elements.
  • New audio routing options: Developers can use a new feature in the Web Audio API to allow users to choose their preferred audio output device.

Download Google Chrome 110

If you’ve already installed Chrome Beta on your device, you will receive this update automatically. On your desktop computer, check the About Chrome section in the browser settings to manually initiate the update. On your phone, check the Play Store listing or head over to APK Mirror. If you’re a new user, you can install Chrome Beta via Google’s website or from the Play Store.

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