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Second to your home, your vehicle is probably one of your most sophisticated and prized devices. However, your smart home and connected car never got the chance to officially meet, until now.

During CES 2020, Samsung’s industry leading IoT platform, SmartThings,
unveiled an exclusive partnership with Smartcar,
the first and only car API for mobility applications.

In an industry first, SmartThings will deliver “car” as a capability.  Working with Smartcar, SmartThings users will
be able to control both their home and their car through one platform, adding
to the 5,000 devices and hundreds of third party partners that already work
with SmartThings.

Smart homes and connected cars have always lived in separate
ecosystems, each with their own services and devices. Smartcar’s technology will
allow you to locate and unlock your car, read a vehicle’s mileage, fuel tank,
or EV battery level, and more – direct from the SmartThings app. Through this
partnership, Samsung SmartThings is the only IoT platform that will integrate with
most new cars in the United States for our millions of active users.    

Imagine driving home after a long day at work waiting to
relax and meditate.  As you turn the
corner of your block, the garage door opens automatically, the air conditioner turns
on, the lights are dimmed, and you enter into a peaceful room full of zen – all
without saying a word or making a command.  

SmartThings is committed to expanding its open ecosystem,
working with the most popular brands and devices to give consumers choice,
peace of mind, all while technology sits in the background – allowing your home
to take care of you and your family, whether you’re home or not.

Stay tuned for more updates from Samsung’s
SmartThings as Smartcar functionality rolls
early this year.

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